Do your solar panels need cleaning and maintenance?

Yes is the simple answer. However, as solar systems don’t have any moving parts they are low maintenance. But don’t be fooled by anyone that says they are maintenance free. Solar systems are an investment, think of them like a car; they work well and run for years as long as you look after them.

Once installed, you should understand the basic safe operation and correct maintenance of your new solar system.  We provide you with a maintenance and ‘how to’ guide so that you can get started.  You do not need to contact us for future maintenance, but we do provide that service and if you choose to use someone else, then we recommend you use a qualified company.

Some of the issues that can occur include:

Rodents chewing through cables,

Wind and vibrations loosening the system,

Isolators breaking down,

Isolator covers cracking and letting water in,

General soiling of the panels.

An annual maintenance is recommended in the Australian standards 5033 and further information can be found their website.

How much does solar maintenance cost?

It won’t cost you much, but piece of mind that your system is safe and performing at its peak is well worth it.  NME Solar uses and recommends SA Solar Maintenance a partner company that specialises in solar maintenance and cleaning.

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