Solar panel systems and solutions for your home

We are fortunate in Adelaide and across South Australia to have plenty of sun to harness through solar panels and systems which provide a cost effective solution for home energy.

A picture of a solar panel installation carried out by NME Solar Solutions expert team

How can we help you?

We have a range of ideas, solutions and systems to help you get your solar power project underway.

  • Solar panel systems from 1.5kw to 5.3kw and upwards (we recently did a 50kw home system!)
  • Battery storage systems
  • Hybrid solar panel systems
  • BiPV systems
  • Commercial solar panels

There are many solar panel benefits to you as a home owner.

  • Cost Saving – Solar electricity is cheaper than buying it from the power companies. There is a capital layout for the solar infrastructure, but once you break even, everything after that is profit.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Solar power is environmentally friendly and releases no greenhouse gasses.
  • Quiet system – There are no moving parts in a solar system, making it the only renewable energy product that makes no noise.
  • Never run out of power – As the sun is a constant source of energy you don’t need to worry about power outages. At night a storage system allows for solar power to be stored in batteries for use during the evening or to protect you from blackouts.  You could also be disconnected from grid power altogether and live self-sufficiently.
  • Can work in most locations – Solar panels can be placed just about anywhere, meaning you can get a reliable power source in your chosen location. Solar powered pump stations, feeders, cameras, emergency telephones and lighting are just a few examples of the versatility of solar power in remote locations.
  • Add value to your home – With ever increasing electricity prices, when it comes to selling your home it helps to have a competitive edge.

Learn more about renewable energy in Australia

Check out the Clean Energy Australia Report 2014 for an insight into Australia’s renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

At NME Solar we provide you with a solar panel solution that meets your needs, with a quality install and guarantee. We advise many other solar power retailers on how best to install systems, so make sure you speak the experts advising others!

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