How can business solar help your company?

30kw system being put in for business solar at a company in Adelaide.We create innovative business solar power solutions, ranging from Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) systems through to 100+kw solar panel installations.

At NME Solar, we specialise in working with building owners on how to tailor business solar for their property, as well as those of their tenants in the office building or shopping centre.

As a market leader initiative and to protect your building, our systems use a no penetrating ilzofix tilt framesthat which leave buildings undamaged from system installation.  The system and panels can also be packed up and moved to any new building.  NME Solar is the only solar company in Adelaide with this unique system. We give full financial analysis to building owners for systems and their return on investment.

Benefits of business solar.

Control your business power bills.
A solar system gives you a buffer from the rising power prices and provided your power usage remains the same, will provide power at a greatly reduced cost. If your business is completely solar powered you will never have to worry about increased power prices again.

Income generation.
For shopping centers and offices, solar can be a great way to achieve additional income by selling power to your tenants. The offer of reduced power prices, as well as a lock in contract may assist in attracting high quality tenants who will appreciate reduced overheads and certainty of future power costs.

Cost savings.
The most obvious reason for installing solar is cost savings; solar electricity is cheaper than buying it from the power companies. Of course there is a capital out lay but once you achieve break even, everything after that is all profit.

Environmentally friendly.
Solar power is completely environmentally friendly and releases no greenhouse gasses Solar panels are extremely reliable as there is no moving parts and the maintenance costs are low. An annual maintenance check and clean are all that is required.

100% up-time.
As the sun is a constant source of energy you don’t have to worry about power outages. A nighttime storage system allows panels to store power in the batteries for use at night.

Power backup.
Battery backup systems can provide power to critical power circuits during power outages. This could replace the diesel generators that need constant maintenance and test runs, as well as the cost of fuel.

Ariel shot of NME Solar Solution installation of business solar systemOutback solutions.
Power in remote locations can be solved by solar panels being placed get to achieve reliable power. This is an ideal solution for station owner or anyone using diesel generators where the saving between diesel and solar are massive.

Powered infrastructure.
Specialty applications such as solar powered cameras bore pumps and feeders can be powered from NME Solar systems.

Why us?

NME Solar is a company that is training the industry, we are also an Accredited Master Electrician and member of Australian Solar Council.

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