April 10, 2014

Choosing a Business Solar installer.

With the end of the government Feed in Tariff coming on Jan 29th 2014 a lot of Adelaide residential solar companies are making the move to the commercial market. This is all well and good if they knew what they are doing.

There is a huge difference in designing and engineering a solar system for a commercial property below are a few must have pointers for buying commercial solar in Adelaide.

  1. Hourly power data for the last 12 months, this is requested by you the customer from your power provider this can take them a few weeks to get so if you can get this before getting your solar installer around it can quicken up the process.
  2. Latest power bill is needed for return on investment calculations
  3. Size of your supply and if you are on CT metering but charged at a business rate. This is extremely important as some solar companies have been taken to court for not picking this up. If you are on a business tariff and have a CT meter you will be changed to a demand tariff costing you and extra $1900+ a month that you would never had to pay.

These are the first steps that a Solar panel company should be looking for when meeting you on site. Once these steps have been addressed a system size should be worked out on the least amount of feed in as it makes you nothing.

Make sure when your solar installer has given you your size if it is rather large that some structural engineering should be done as the weight can be massive.

Also you should decide if you want some battery storage or some backup power, this can be achieved by having a hybrid solar system where some power is stored in batteries and used during black outs.

With these tips you should be armed with the right questions and what to look for out of your solar system. If you have any questions or need help on choosing a commercial solar system in Adelaide please contact us.


Newman Mundy started NME Solar Solutions in 2010, with a desire to bring quality and good customer service to the solar industry. Newman regularly consults to solar industry groups and companies, plus is a member of accredited master electricians and the Australian Solar Council.

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