January 19, 2016

Our 50 ways to help save power in your home.

Some simple things can help you to save power and make your solar panel system work better for you.

1) Do a Home Energy Audit, this will tell you exactly where your energy is being used most there is a free Home Energy Audit that you can easily do throughout the house in 45 mins.

2) Have Air Conditioners and heater systems maintained annually this can bring up issues that cause these systems to run inefficient if not checked regularly.

3) Set thermostats to what temperature you actually want people think if you turn it up it will get their quicker that’s not true and if forgotten and left its just wasting power.

4) Change/clean Air Conditioners filters often this allows better airflow and better efficiency.

5) Avoid having furniture around the outlets of Air Conditions and Heaters this allows better flow through the house

6) Use curtains to keep the warmth in at night during winter and open them during the day to let warmth in.

7) Having blinds on the outside of your windows works far better during summer, most of these blinds look rather nice these days and having them on the outside stops the heat getting to the window. Having blinds on the inside still allows heat into the building.

8) Avoid using small space plug in space heaters or Air Conditioners as they use a lot of power to work in 1 room and also they can be very dangerous.

9) Insulation if your house is not insulated it will use a lot more power to keep temperatures stable. Changing type of insulation if your current insulation is old could save you up to 20% in your heating and cooling costs.

10) When shopping for insulation look for the one with the highest R value that you can afford. The higher the R value the better the thermal resistance.

11) Install insulation between your floors if multi story.

12) Use well placed trees to shade parts of the house during summer this will save on cooling costs.

13) Ceiling fans in bedrooms can save lots of money as they are cheap to run and can save on air conditioning.

14) Make sure your house has no leaks in it removing drafts with seals and silicone’s this is very cheap and spending $50 on some of these materials can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 20 to 30%

15) Windows can have reflective films or use double glazing there are many glazing options to reduce the energy costs.

16) Having a house with eaves to protect from the harsh sun in summer but allow the sun in during winter.

17) Airflow in the roof allows it suck the hot air out and replace it with cooler air.

18) Having a separate hot water unit for the bathroom and kitchen can save huge amounts of power especially if you turn the thermostat down on the bathroom water you don’t need it at the standard 65 degrees C.

19) Have showers rather than baths a quick 5 minute shower can use under half the amount of water than a bath.

20) Have your Hater Water service checked and maintained if older than 10 years look at having it replaced with a newer more efficient one.

21) Look at new hot water services a heat pump can be more efficient solar hot water unit. Be careful if the solar unit isn’t placed in a good spot it can be very inefficient.

22) Don’t leave the fridge open for long periods of time and change the thermostat for the different season.

23) Don’t overload the fridge or freezer they need airflow for cooling if they are too full they become in efficient

24) Check the fridge and freezer door seal if it leaks then have it replaced

25) If your oven has a self cleaning feature use this directly after cleaning this uses the heat already in there to do the work rather than heating up the cold oven.

26) Check seal on the oven if it has leaks have it replaced.

27) Run dishwashers only with full loads

28) Wash full loads of washing and make sure that water levels are set correct

29) Use cold water as much as possible during washing.

30) Clean the lint screen every time you use the dryer this can increase efficiency by 30% and help prevent fires

31) Remove cloths from the dryer while they are still damp and hang them up this will reduce static and save power on the last part of drying.

32) If using heater to heat the house try to use clothes horses saves using the dryer

33) In summer hang clothes on the line and don’t use the dryer at all

34) If drying multiple loads of washing put them in the drier straight after the other this reduces the heat loss in the dryer.

35) Switch to fluorescent globes or if your budget can afford it use LED’s

36) Use well placed sky lights to prevent using lights during the day and later into the afternoon during daylight savings

37) Decorate with light reflective colors on walls and ceilings this allows you to use lower wattage lights and means that you won’t have to turn them on till later

38) Second fridges or freezer can add more than $100 per year to power bills

39) Make sure that fridges and freezers are installed in cool conditions to save the running times

40) Keep pools and outdoor spas covered to reduce the heating costs

41) If you use a lawn mower consider getting a electric one they use less power and don’t have as many emissions

42) Make sure you turn electrical appliances off standby if they are not in use

43) When taking a holiday turn all your appliances off at the circuit breakers.

44) Remember to buy energy efficient products all electrical products these days have a star rating buy the best star rating you can afford.

45) Shop during the off season to buy electrical products usually you will get bigger discounts

46) Replace old electrical products usually you will get your money back within a year or 2

47) Investigate new technologies carefully make sure they aren’t a scam and check what technologies work better than others.

48) Choose a reputable dealer they should be able to calculate the savings and payback period.

49) Make sure it the products have a warranty.

50) Remember to keep energy efficiency in the back of your head as there are always new products coming on the market and new ways to save.


Newman Mundy started NME Solar Solutions in 2010, with a desire to bring quality and good customer service to the solar industry. Newman regularly consults to solar industry groups and companies, plus is a member of accredited master electricians and the Australian Solar Council.

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