Battery storage systems for solar panels

Battery storage is a great addition to your current solar panel system or as an add-on to your new system. Whether you want to go off the grid, save excess solar energy or looking for a bush fire system, we have a solution to help you.

Battery storage is one of the most talk about investments currently. The Tesla Powerwall has become a house hold name, and people are starting to think about taking on this new technology. The truth is solar and Battery storage systems have been around for many years.

NME Solar Solutions has specialised in battery off grid and hybrid systems for 6 years. Using Australian manufactured battery charging units, we have developed a roughed Solar storage system designed for Australian conditions.
Graphic showing how solar battery storage works

How does battery storage work?

Our Australian designed and manufactured solar system is designed for the off grid market but also works perfectly for the on grid market as well.

Our solar system will power your house during the day light hours and charge the batteries with the Excess. Once the Sun goes down the energy stored in the battery is then used to power the house.

It will also protect your house against poor grid quality and grid outages. This means if you live in an area with power that fluctuates or have electrical appliances that keep blowing up due to poor power quality you can fix all your issues with our system.

A reason for Battery Storage

The main Reasons People are looking to put solar and storage on is for Tariff optimisation. What does Tariff optimisation mean? If your buying power for 30cents per kilowatt hour and exporting excess energy from your solar system for 8 cents, then you are giving away your power for near to nothing. So with a battery system you can storage that excess energy and use that at the same rate your buying power, this means that power you would have only got 8 cents per kWh your now offsetting at 30Cents per kWh.

The benefits of Solar Battery Storage systems

  • Tariff optimisation,
  • Grid stability,
  • Power quality,
  • Back-up power,
  • Energy Independence,
  • Energy Security.

Photos of Battery Storage Systems by NME Solar SolutionsHow are our Battery Storage systems installed?

Our battery systems are completely integrated with our Storage ready solar systems which allows us to bolt them onto any existing system we have installed.

Not one of our customers? Don’t worry we have a solution for you our battery system is so flexible it can work with any solar inverter on the market today.

Why NME Solar Solutions Battery Storage?

  • Highly configurable to suit changing market,
  • High rated Grid transfer switch, with optional external,
  • Charge batteries from the grid,
  • Make changes remotely,
  • Free upgrades for life,
  • Place Solar Controller/Grid inverter near the array,
  • Optional Grid Interactive or completely disconnect,
  • With or without batteries,
  • All electronics conformally coated,
  • High peak output for Off Grid motor starting,
  • Up to 8 year warranty,
  • Australian Designed and Manufactured,
  • No misleading specifications.

Battery storage solutions for High Bush Fire Risk Areas.

Do you live in a high bush fire risk Area?

You may experience many grid outages during hot days due to the electricity company shutting down power to help prevent bushfires. This can be rather frustrating and slow production if you have a commercial property in a high risk area.

With our battery system you can continue to work or go about your day as normal, in fact you probably wouldn’t even notice that you have lost power with a change over time of 30 milliseconds.

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